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The pallet pack was redesigned removing wood and polystyrene from the design. And, as a provider of responsible packaging solutions, we also reduced the amount of cardboard required without compromising strength and reliability.

Previously, a full time member of staff was employed by our customer to assemble the box and fittings prior to use on the packing line. We were able to alleviate this by designing a new solution which allowed us to manufacture and construct the components of the box allowing the customer to merely lift off the lid, crane in the oven, push on the lid and slide on an outer sleeve (which we also provide) for pack strength and exterior protection.


As a result of this innovative design, packaging times have been reduced from 4 minutes to 30 seconds per box as well as the re-deployment of a member of staff at the customer operation.

In addition to the new design our supply chain solution - whereby we assemble components and deliver in required amounts – gives our customer greater control over their packaging requirements, increases efficiencies and drives forward innovation and team work in our supplier/customer agreements.


The brief was to remove wooden pallets and polystyrene sheets from robust industrial oven pallet boxes that had to withstand international travel by air, sea, rail and road. The packs would need to be delivered on a 'call off' basis to mirror the customer's production capacity alleviating their need for storage of large and cumbersome packaging.