Stock and Serve

Stock and Serve - Logson Group


The account is managed on a 'stock and serve' basis with a daily vehicle delivering all called off product each afternoon. Every one of the 300 lines is held in stock ready for call off. The customer can call off any quantity of boxes and is not restricted to pack or pallet quantities. Each call off is individually palletised and labelled with bespoke barcoded labels. This dedicated service means that our customer no longer needs to store any volume of packaging at their production facility.

An ongoing programme of redesign to drive further quality and cost improvements is in place to ensure the customer has a packaging contract which evolves with them, supporting their business needs.


As a result of this service led packaging solution, our customer enjoys a tailor made service agreement which ensures the correct packaging is delivered exactly when they need it, minimising line side assembly and potential downtime.

In the last 12 months our 'On Time' delivery performance averages at 99.24% and quality rejects at 0.0187% which equates to 187 boxes per million.

As a commitment to the account and the ongoing relationship with significant blue chip companies we continue to strive to improve these performance figures to meet with automotive industry standards of just 50 boxes per million.


The brief was to provide a seamless supply of packaging requirements in line with a daily request sheet to mirror our customer's production schedule. Industry specific targets were to be met in terms of quality and delivery.