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To deliver an innovative supply chain solution with the creation of an inplant within our customer's manufacturing operation. This gave 24 hour packaging support to the customer and a bespoke packaging solution that fulfils time specific requirements.

Components are now manufactured at B&P Doncaster and stored in the flat at the inplant as opposed to delivering fully constructed packs thereby reducing deliveries. One delivery takes place each day and a team of B&P employees order pick and assemble as per production requirements each shift.


As a 24/5 operation several significant cost improvements have been made. Deliveries have been reduced from five trips each day to just one. Customer warehouse staff has been reduced by six employees. Warehouse space has been reduced by 70% and a significant amount of administration time has been removed given that the client is no longer involved in any packaging administration and stock control.

This innovative concept to supply chain requirements clearly demonstrates the appeal and cost saving improvements available through creative packaging solutions.


The brief was to increase production efficiencies at line side operations thereby delivering related cost improvements in terms of storage space, staff and time efficiencies.