Denso - Inplant

Denso - Logson Group


The creation of an onsite inplant has allowed us to support a blue-chip company by delivering an innovative supply chain solution, delivering cost and time saving efficiencies and becoming a packaging partner rather than a supplier.

Prior to the inplant components were manufactured at B&P Doncaster and delivered daily to our satellite site in Leeds. Here employees assembled the large boxes to Denso's requirements, which were then delivered five times a day to the clients' factory in Bradford. That is a lot of boxes but also quite a lot of fresh air. Other components such as wooden plants, foam and other required materials were sourced by Denso.

After setting up the inplant, components are now manufactured at Doncaster and delivered to the inplant at Bradford where a team of employees assemble as required each shift. Stocks are then replenished at 2pm each day by a delivery from Doncaster.

It has increased the clients plant performance, supports the flexible needs of their business (24/5 operation) and given us greater control to supply their ever-changing and often complicated packaging requirements.


At the end of the first year our 'inplant' team assembled over a million pieces of packaging and we are proud to say that this has provided a superb supply chain solution to this major blue-chip company.

We have truly pushed the boundaries of packaging solutions, appreciating that it's not just about the box; it's about how you do it that matters. We are proud to work in partnership with Denso Marston and the Boxes and Packaging 'inplant' has been housed onsite perfectly.

Denso - Logson Group


The brief was to install an 'inplant' assembly zone, to reduce the stock space taken up with empty assembled cardboard packaging. Creating a faster, more secure supply of all packaging required by production. Offering a total cost decrease, as it aims to provide 24 hour cover and store two days' worth of flat packaging.